Who is ComPeDence?

ComPeDence is an independent organisation helping professionals identify and upskill their talents through constant learning and access to tailored training and learning resources. Established by Andrew Slevin in 2015 the business consists of employees and advisers from a range of backgrounds including higher education, technology, real estate, industry, professional bodies, marketing and finance.

What is ComPeDence exactly?

We provide bespoke knowledge analysis and learning, by using questionnaires, uniquely matched to an individual’s skills, role and career stage. We believe that in doing so the professions will benefit, individuals will advance and employers will be successful.

Who can sign up?

Anyone who wants to be better at their job or just has an interest in maintaining their professional knowledge. All you need is a desire to learn. We currently focus on the property industry but we will shortly be rolling the program out to other industry sectors.

How does the free version work?

The free version provides you with a version of the system but does impose a few limits on the detail, like the number of topics you can get questions from and the level of detail within the personal dashboard. We believe that professionals and their employers will soon realise the benefits of ComPeDence and choose to upgrade their membership to get access to the full range of benefits.

What happens if I can't complete a course before it ends?

There are no courses. Continuous professional development (CPD) is about what you retain and how you expand on knowledge, not what course you studied or what seminar you attended.  Even the top professionals need refreshers occasionally and ComPeDence allows people at all levels to constantly refresh, learn, improve and progress.

How do I sign up?

Registration should be pretty seamless through the website, no matter where you might be in the world. If you just want to keep up to date with our progress you can sign up separately for our newsletter on the home page.

How much does it cost?

We offer a free version so that you can test the system and see how it works. We are confident that professionals will find the system helpful to their career and we offer a subscription based version for both individuals and companies. These subscription versions come with significant additional benefits and are cost effective when compared to alternative CPD focused training. Full details on pricing can be seen here.

Can I upgrade my package at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade your package at any time. Just log on and click on My Account to upgrade.

Are my responses confidential?

Totally. We will never share an individual’s data with anyone else. Similarly for organisations we will never share results with third parties. We do however collate anonymised data to arrive at industry wide averages. To preserve privacy we only publish benchmarks where the number of different respondents is significant and the data is regularly refreshed. If you have additional questions on how we handle data please contact us or see our Privacy Policy.

Will my company or professional body see my results?

We will never share an individual’s data with anyone else. Your employer will only ever see aggregated anonymised results for a number of professionals that cannot be traced back to an individual.

Is this a performance management tool?

No. ComPeDence is designed to help the individual improve their professional knowledge. This will support an individual’s career progression but professional knowledge can be different from the competencies or soft skills that a particular firm values in a role.

How will this make a difference to my career?

We believe that, when professionals have a transparent understanding of their true knowledge relative to the latest regulations and standards, they are in a much stronger position to address any knowledge gaps and therefore perform better in their career. By giving you the ability to decide what subjects are important to you, you are in control of your learning. Better professionals make better advisers which improves fees and hence salaries. It’s that simple.

I'd like to contribute questions, how do I do that?

Our questions are provided by practitioners, industry experts, academics, suppliers and other professionals. We welcome content from individuals or companies and you can register your interest through your "My Account" page or by writing to us directly at

When can I complete the quizzes?

As long as you have access to the internet on your phone or PC you can complete the quizzes at any time, one question or several at a time, making it incredibly convenient. No more lost time in a taxi, bus or train. You can also access the website from a desktop PC. An app to allow offline completion of tests is under development and should be launched later in the year.

What languages are the quizzes offered in?

Right now, the quizzes are only offered in English. We hope to add more languages in the near future, so watch this space!

I occasionally see a question I have answered before?

The American Society for Training and Development estimated in one study that by the time attendees you go back to their job, they've lost 90% of what they've learned in training. One of the things ComPeDence is capturing within the quizzes is your knowledge retention, either of knowledge you already had the first time you completed the question or the knowledge you picked up later either from the explanation notes in the answer you get to each question or from other learning resources.

Why can I skip questions?

ComPeDence is designed to test your level of knowledge, but it also aims to make this a very personalised experience. Within each topic there will always be questions that are not relevant to every individual, role or career. We therefore allow you to skip irrelevant questions. However, try not to skip relevant questions since this will distort your results and ultimately you will learn less from the platform.  

As an employer, why can I not see an employee’s data?

Professional technical knowledge can often be different from the competencies or soft skills that a particular firm values in a specific job role or includes within their internal training programmes. Our market research also indicated that to encourage a user to fully and honestly assess their level of knowledge they need to be comfortable that this analysis is kept confidential. However, we always encourage users to share their results with employers so that they can match their internal training to any technical knowledge gaps.

I love the website, who developed it?

The website was developed in conjunction with Fat Heads Creative Studio, a Manchester design agency, specialising in building high impact, cost effective and bespoke websites. They incorporate the latest digital functionality, technology and design to ensure that clients are provided with custom-made web solutions that not only look great but go way beyond their requirements.

I can't login! Help!

You will need to enter the password that you have set up for your account. Click on the link on the log in page if you have forgotten your password to reset it.  If you're still unable to log in, please contact our customer support team at

I have some comments on the system.

If you have any feedback when using the system we would love to hear from you. You can email us directly or send comments through the "Contact Us" website form. We will continually be adding functionality, new questions and new information to the system and all suggestions would be very welcome.

What's the best way to learn about what's happening at ComPeDence?

You can keep up to date with what we are doing through:

Facebook: ComPeDence

Twitter: @ComPeDence

Newsletter: Sign up here