News 21 Tips for the RICS APC interview

Jon Lever from DeLever gives practical advice for candidates who will be sitting the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence interview.

  1. Know your APC submission documentation inside out
  2. Don’t guess if you are unsure
  3. Know the reference materials and documents you have stated in your submission
  4. Maintain your professionalism, even under stress
  5. Know your competency Level 2 & 3 project experience examples inside out
  6. If unsure collect your thoughts and visualise a project where you have delivered the service you are being questioned on
  7. Don’t fiddle with your pen
  8. Don’t fiddle with your notes
  9. Don’t fiddle with your rings, bangles, ear rings or jewellery
  10. Learn your Level 1 competency knowledge base inside out
  11. You cannot get any Rules of Conduct or Ethical Standards questions wrong – errors will prompt a referral verdict
  12. Please present to your audience
  13. Any presentation material you bring should be created for and focused on your audience
  14. Know how to set up your flipchart
  15. “I will have to research that on the RICS web site is NOT a good answer, especially when used repetitively.
  16. Your target is to NOT get any questions wrong
  17. Consider your “I Don’t Know” strategy, demonstrate you are a safe pair of hands
  18. Appreciate stress symptoms, avoid aggression at all costs
  19. Don’t overrun your 10 minute presentation time, the panel chair will stop you if you do
  20. Minimise flip chart to 5 or 6 slides, NOT 15+ as we are often seeing
  21. Saying “WE” in your responses causes doubt in the assessors mind that you have done it. Remember always I, Me and My.

To find out more about how to prepare for your APC interview, or to enquire about other DeLever support for candidates, please go to or

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