News 7 Insights on Continuous Professional Development

We shared a short survey recently on CPD in the property and construction sector, and the perceptions of available options. We had a large response to the survey so this issue has clearly hit a nerve!

In summary, respondents feel that existing CPD solutions are not fully meeting the needs of practitioners in terms of content, convenience and flexibility. Moreover, individuals are seeking more personalised, precise learning tools, which will have a direct and immediate impact on their business and personal success.

Seven key insights from the responses are:

  1. Not surprisingly some 75% of respondents said that they attend CPD to learn knowledge that will improve their current job performance.
  2. However, 54% also attend CPD to learn new skills that will further their career. It is encouraging to see that property professionals are keen to continue to develop new knowledge throughout their careers.
  3. Despite this desire to stay current and upskill, some 61% continue to find it challenging to complete enough appropriate CPD each year, which would appear to indicate that the content or solutions currently offered are not matching with demand.
  4. So what are the reasons for this? Some 64% stated that lack of relevance of CPD content to their daily work, and uninteresting subjects (50%), are primary frustrations with current training solutions. Cost and lack of time are also relevant factors for respondents but the quality and relevance of content clearly needs to be reviewed by many training providers.
  5. While face-to-face activities are still the most desired format, with 79% of respondents preferring this method, it was interesting to see that online activities (54%) and micro-learning (46%) were the next popular, above self-directed learning, newsletters and research. The wider trend towards online learning solutions that give individuals the power to access information when it is most convenient is gaining traction.
  6. The theme of content quality came through again with many observing that existing CPD is usually too generic, rarely has a direct impact on job proficiency and is too divorced from actual practice. This seems to correlate with the increased focus on more personalised learning solutions by innovative training providers in other sectors.
  7. Finally, four out of five professionals would like to be able to continually assess their knowledge of current standards, regulations and legislation and 68% would like to see their knowledge benchmarked to industry peers. This demonstrates the desire for professionals to stay up-to-date but also their interest in staying at the top of their field.

Perhaps not totally surprising, the responses from property professionals also match with the general trends in post graduate professional education, namely: the desire to stay current; the attraction of more convenient online/mobile resources; and the focus on learning key information relevant to an individual’s career.

If you have any comments on the survey or the conclusions above you can drop us a note directly at You can also send us an email if you would like a copy of the full analysis.

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