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The new micro-learning platform that gives experts direct, instant and free access to active industry practitioners with an explicit interest in your area of knowledge.

The perfect way to showcase your industry expertise.

  • Build reputation
  • Establish property industry thought leadership
  • Stimulate inbound marketing leads
  • Sell more

The real time, personal, professional training app that puts you at the heart of the property industry.

Personal Direct your questions to specific job and careers.
Precise Crystal clear industry insights.
Topical Showcase your knowledge by sharing the latest industry guidelines, legislation and business thinking.
Convenient Any time. Anywhere. Any device. Gather 'on the go' industry insights.
Relevant The more relevant information you share… the more relevant you become.
Informative Direct dashboard access to real time industry knowledge reports.
Credible Be the answer. Target your content at skills gaps.
Relative Benchmark your courses to industry needs with access to market average data.
Step by step guide
Step 1 Contact us and register as a content provider today.
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Step 2 Once registered you can add multiple choice questions for users to answer.
Step 3 Each of your questions will be attributed to you. You can also add in the answers how individuals wanting further information can contact you.
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Step 4 screen
Step 4 Users answers are collated into a confidential "dashboard" which you can access at any time showing the success rate for each of your questions, helping you identify knowledge gaps for future courses or refinement of existing training.
Step 5 Major contributors can also receive a monthly report showing industry wide knowledge strengths as well as possible areas for improvement for the subjects you contribute to. Analysis can be split by location, seniority, staff grade etc although an individual’s and company results are never disclosed.
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Protecting your Privacy
Only you will have access to your question results. The responses we use to calculate averages and benchmarks are aggregated and anonymised. Survey results are never individually identified for individuals, contributers or companies. To preserve privacy we only publish benchmarks where the number of different respondents is significant and the data is regularly refreshed. If you have additional questions on how we handle data please contact us or see our Privacy Policy.