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The new micro-learning platform for professionals. Learn what you need, advance your career, complete CPD, benchmark your skills and enhance your credibility via convenient quiz based information from leading industry experts. Get continuous up-to-date insights that help you deliver better results and further your career.

Use ComPeDence to:

  • Identify and close personal knowledge gaps
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Earn CPD quickly and easily
  • Boost your prospects and earnings potential
Personal Want to stay ahead of the competition? This is about you. Your knowledge, your success, your edge. Register and make a start.
Precise Stop searching for what you need. Real time, personalised, precise information in one simple-to-use site.
Topical Information that covers the latest industry guidelines, legislation and standards. Immediately accessible in bite sized pieces.
Convenient Learn when you want, how you want. Any time. Anywhere. Any device.
Relevant Content that makes a real difference to your success. Relevant, real world industry information on topics you choose.
Informative Guided learning. Your pathway to improvement, with links to further information and relevant resources.
Certifiable Credible, independently verified, CPD.
Relative How do you measure up? Assess yourself against your industry and peer averages.
Why sign up?
You complete questionnaires that are relevant
You learn immediately and gain CPD hours
Skills gap reports are issued regularly to you
You can focus on appropriate training
Better skills enhance salary and career prospects
You secure promotion or improved remuneration
Step by step guide
Step 1 Register easily on the website or on your mobile.
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Step 2 Select your closest job category or function from a list. We have preselected relevant topics for each job category. Full subscribers can choose from over 100 additional topics.
Step 3 You answer multiple choice questions on your chosen topics when convenient.
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Step 4 You get immediate informative answers to each question and your answers are collated into a confidential personal knowledge dashboard. Completion of questions and review of answers builds up accredited CPD.
Step 5 Your answers are collated into a confidential personal knowledge dashboard. You get access to analysis showing your areas of strength and areas for development, as well as how you compare to your industry peers.
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Only you will have access to your personal results. The responses we use to calculate averages and benchmarks are aggregated and anonymised. Your survey results are never individually identified to your employer or any third parties. To preserve privacy we only publish benchmarks where the number of respondents is significant and the data is regularly refreshed. If you have additional questions on how we handle data please see our Privacy Policy.